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There is a great number of events in which one would want to use a limousine in Memphis. The number of events are essentially endless. In the event that you want to use limousine service for an event that you are holding or taking part in, and you don't see it on the list to the right or anywhere on the site, we suggest calling our reservation specialists.

Our reservation specialists will be able to assist you in anything that you might need. Just let them know what type of event or function that you're going to or in charge of and they'll be more than happy to help suggest the limousine size and length of time that you may need transportation.

Some of the most popular events that we provide service for are events such as weddings, concerts, bar hopping, and more. Memphis is a city of hard working people and in order to work as hard as they do, they play hard. As the saying goes, "work hard; play hard," and that's something that Memphis lives by.

So if you're interested in ordering limousine service for Limousine Memphis then contact us today!

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Happy birthday to you! Is it your birthday? Let us know. We'll provide great transportation for you or your friends. for your special evening. Not your birthday? We'll make it a surprise. Let us know.

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor(ette) Parties

Since weddings are so popular, it's no wonder that bachelor and bachelorette parties are the same. Throughout the years, we've provided service for a bachelor or bachelorette party only to be called back for repeat business in order to provide transportation for a wedding.

Sweet Sixteens

Sweet Sixteens

Spoil her on her sixteenth birthday. Let her have a party bus or limousine with her friends. They can go to lunch, to an arcade, or anywhere, for that matter. The vehicle will pick her and her friends up and they'll remain safe for the entire evening.

We cover events of all types!

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