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Our prices are based on quite a few variables. The number one variable that can change how much a limousine or party bus costs is the amount of people that you require us to transport. To put it in a way that is easier to understand, the prices for a 6 passenger limousine and a 40 passenger party bus can be drastically different, and with good reason.

Limousine Memphis's reservation specialists are great at asking the right questions to help us determine just what exactly your needs may be. Sometimes when customers call us they're not exactly sure what they they need to tell us in order to get the most accurate pricing but our specialists know all of the right things to say in order to find out what you need.

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Other than accurate pricing it should be noted that our prices are all inclusive. This means that all taxes, fees, and costs are accounted for in the final pricing. It should be noted that when you call around for prices, a lot of limo companies may quote too much money but this does not include a fuel surcharge and a mandatory 20% gratuity on services, bringing the cost up quite a bit. That, however, does not happen with Limousine Memphis.

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