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In effort to keep our buses clean and in top condition for all customers, we have adapted a strict no smoking policy that we do enforce. Please respect your friends and our other customers by refraining from lighting up.

Limousine Memphis understands that events and nights of fun don't always go as planned, sometimes you are just having too much fun and are not ready to go home yet. We encourage all of our customers to have the night of their dreams and would never want to cut that short. If your trip is running longer than expected, you will be billed for additional hours at your predetermined hourly rate.

You have unlimited mileage provided your pickup and drop off location are in the same city. That means if you'd like to head south and hang out in Mississippi for the evening, you're welcome to as long as your return destination is the same as your pickup location.

We currently do not have any "official" deals with restaurants or clubs, but we have some suggestions of places that always treat our guests with respect and may pull the group to the front of the line now and again. So our answer is officially, no! But unofficially, sometimes.

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No, unfortunately we are not allowed to legally provide alcohol to our patrons. This means they have to provide their own for the trip. On top of that, it also means that we cannot return any alcohol left on the bus like we can do for any other item left behind (eg, sun glasses, t-shirts, coats, etc).

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any point during your visit on this site. We suggest keeping the website open while you're on the phone with us so you can reference exact issues that you have questions about.

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